RoboWorkshop is a comprehensive, platform-independent, Java-based graphical robotics control center built on top of the MechIO robotics framework, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.
RoboWorkshop 0.8.7 is available in maven, but not yet on this website.
You will need to add the sonatype repository to your pom.xml:

Our groupId is org.rwshop, and the version is 0.8.7. The current development version is 0.8.9-SNAPSHOT.

RoboWorkshop used to be the UI component of MechIO, but was spun off into its own project to promote separation of interface and functionality.
What does RoboWorkshop provide? Choose how you want to get RoboWorkshop:

Sources are available in Subversion on Assembla.
Binaries are available in Maven on Sonatype (dev snapshots and releases) and Maven Central (releases only).